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Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds Says There Is No Need To Fear COVID-19 Anymore !



Iowa Kim Reynolds

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds Thinks COVID-19 Shouldn’t Be Feared Anymore

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds thinks COVID-19 is no longer a big threat as the cases have come under control. Moreover, she thinks the people and administration are aware about how to contain the virus. With the vaccination going on in Iowa, the cases are under control and things continue to get better in the state. The supply is also exceeding the demand at the moment. People are expected to come forward to take the vaccine. Moreover, Reynolds said, “There’s no reason for us to continue to fear COVID-19 any longer. We know how to manage it.”

Iowa Kim Reynolds

Source: ABC News

Kim Reynolds Says Jobs Are Available In Iowa

As per Kim, the hard phase of the pandemic is over and things will slowly get back to normal. Her analysis says that businesses have started growing again and are looking to hire people. Therefore, she asked the unemployed people in Iowa to look for jobs as companies are waiting to hire people. Furthermore, she said, “I love it when I have businesses tell me they’re having some of their best years ever and they’ve got orders that are waiting to be filled. They just can’t find employees to help build the equipment, so I think these are great jobs, they have benefits, there’s opportunities for growth…and you’re seeing wages adjust accordingly.”

Iowa Kim Reynolds

Source: AP News

People Free To Wear Masks, Says Kim Reynolds

In Iowa, the mask mandate has been removed now. Moreover, the capacity restrictions have also been taken down. This means the state is completely open and there is no restrictions for the people of Iowa. However, Kim also said that people are free to wear mask if they want. Furthermore, she said, “If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask, by all means go ahead and continue wearing a mask. Everybody needs to be making those personal decisions based on what they’re feeling.”

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