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Ireland Baldwin Calls Stepmom Hilaria Baldwin An Incredible Mom And Inspiration !



Hilaria Baldwin Ireland Baldwin

Ireland Baldwin Comes In Support Of Hilaria Baldwin

Stepdaughter Ireland Baldwin has backed Hilaria Baldwin. Hilaria was recently questioned on social media about her Spanish origins and whether it was true or not. Ireland asked people to not come to conclusions without knowing Hilaria as a person. Moreover, she said, “I wish people had the chance to know you and know your story the way that I do rather than from a fabricated nine hour-long Instagram story.”

Hilaria Baldwin Ireland Baldwin

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Ireland Baldwin Calls Hilaria Baldwin An Incredible Mom And Inspiration

Despite having a stepdaughter-stepmom relationship, Hilaria and Ireland are very close. In fact, Ireland feels lucky that she has a stepmom like Hilaria. Moreover, she went on to call Hilaria an incredible mother and inspiration to her. Furthermore, she said, “I think you are an incredible mom and an inspiration. … And I thank God often that the stars aligned and I wound up with a stepmom like you. I had the best time of my life dancing with your chosen family that flew all the way here from Spain to party at your wedding.”

Ireland Baldwin Is Frustrated With People Fabricating Truth

Ireland Baldwin is frustrated with how people are believing everything on social media. One section of people is making up lies while the other section of people are believing the truth without any fact-checking. Moreover, Ireland said, “I love you and I find it really sad that people have the time that they do to play detective and make up a lot of lies and fabricate a lot of truths to fit a story.

Hilaria Baldwin Ireland Baldwin

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Ireland Apologizes To Hilaria On Behalf Of People For Giving Her A Hard Time

Ireland apologized to Hilaria on behalf of the people trolling her. She feels people should concentrate on pandemic and human lives instead of such petty issues. Moreover, she said, ” I’m sorry that people are giving you such a hard time during a time that is already so f—— difficult for everyone in this world coping with the realities of Covid and being without family over the holidays and even losing family during the holidays due to this madness.”

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