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Is A One Direction Reunion Happening Anytime SOON? Liam Payne Has The ANSWER !



Liam Payne and One Direction

Liam Payne Jokes About A Christmas One Direction Reunion

Liam Payne recently came on Capital FM where he got candid about his former band One Direction. One Direction was the heartthrob of many teen girls and broke many hearts when they split in 2016. Moreover, ever since the band broke into pieces, fans have been eagerly waiting for a reunion. While there have been no talks about a possible reunion, Liam joked about the bandmates coming together for Christmas. He said, “Ooh for Christmas? Who knows!”

Liam Payne and One Direction

Source: Hello Magazine

Liam Payne Reveals A Reunion Is Very Much Possible In The Future

Here is some happy news for all One Direction fans. Liam revealed that the idea of a reunion is definitely open and is quite possible. However, he feels it will take some time to happen as everyone is enjoying their solo career at the moment. Moreover, he said, “I definitely think in the future there’s time for it. But I think everyone is enjoying doing their own solo stuff right now.” However, just the possibility of a reunion is enough to keep the fans excited and on their toes.

Liam Payne Is Quite Sure That A One Direction Reunion Will Happen

Liam is very confident that One Direction will come together for sure in the future. Moreover, he feels he is asked with the reunion question more often than the other One Direction members. He said, “I mean it’s always hard to speak on behalf of everyone because I feel like I get asked this more than any of the rest of the boys. But yeah, some time in the future I’m sure.”

Liam Payne and One Direction

Source: The Spectator

Liam Reveals Members Have Spoken A Lot To Each Other Due To Coronavirus

Liam revealed that the ex-bandmates have been talking more due to the pandemic. Moreover, he said, “But yeah, you know we’ve spoken a lot more over the time of COVID, I’d say more than any time we’ve spoken before, which has been great.”

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