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Jada Pinkett Asks People In Public Eye To Come Prepared With TEFLON SKIN and PLASTIC HEART !



Willow Smith Jada Pinkett

Jada Pinkett Smith’s Mother Feels Media Criticism Has Strengthened Their Family

Jada Pinkett and her mother Norris came as a guest on Pretty Big Deal Podcast. The two opened up on many things including the early fame of Willow and Jaden. Jada revealed how gossip columns and criticism of her kids at that age affected her mental state. However, her mother feels the same criticism has strengthened the bond in their family. Moreover, Norris said, “It makes you stronger because you know what the truth is. It’s unfortunate. You have to kind of sit in it and accept it and deal with it … Being in the limelight and living your life in front of the public’s eye, it’s just part of it.”

Jada Pinkett

Source: The Express Tribune

Jada Pinkett Feels People In Public Eye Need A Thick Skin

Jada Pinkett has seen the best and worst of media. She feels people that are always in front of the media and public need to have thick skin to endure the criticism that comes at them. She has learned it through her experience and that of her kids. Moreover, she said, “If you’re going to be in the public eye like that you gotta learn to have that Teflon skin with that elastic heart.”

Jada Pinkett Admits Jaden And Willow Have A Better Understanding Of Social Media

Jada Pinkett admitted that her kids Willow and Jaden have a better understanding of social media and how to deal with it. She said, “They definitely have a different relationship than even I have to social media.”

Jada Pinkett

Source: People

Willow And Jaden Help Jada With Social Media

Social media can be very toxic especially for famous people. Jada Pinkett is lucky as her kids help her in navigating through social media. Moreover, she said, “They’ve actually taught me a lot in regards to what to pay attention to, what not to pay attention to. And they’ve really helped me navigate my relationship with social media.”

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