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Jada Pinkett REGRETS This One Thing On Raising Jaden And Willow ! Know NOW !



Jada Pinkett

Jada Pinkett Opens Up On Her Parenting Experience

Jada Pinkett recently appeared as a guest in Pretty Big Deal Podcast. On the podcast, she opened up on her experience of parenting her two kids- Willow and Jaden. Moreover, she said, “Life is an unfolding, you know? It really is. We wish we could know everything at once and have all the information that we need, especially when it comes to parenting. Fortunately and unfortunately, you just have to go into things to recognize or realize what works and what doesn’t.”

Jada Pinkett

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Jada Pinkett Regrets Allowing Spotlight On Jaden And Willow At A Young Age

Jada Pinkett has learned to parent like any other parent. She has gone through many hit and trial methods to see what works. After all these years, she has only one regret about her parenting. If it was now, she wouldn’t have allowed Jaden and Willow to go into the public sphere at a young age. Moreover, she said, “Knowing what I know now, though. I do think that I would have held off a bit in regards to how much they were allowed to be in the spotlight.”

Jada Pinkett Reveals Early Fame Strained Relationship Between Willow And Will

Jaden Smith acted in movies like Pursuit of Happyness when he was just eight. Moreover, Willow Smith released her hit single Whip My Hair at the age of ten. The song eventually went on to strain the relationship between Will and Willow. Moreover, Jada said, “I definitely had to forgive you and daddy for that whole ‘Whip My Hair’ thing. It was mostly daddy because he was so harsh at certain times.”

Jada Pinkett

Source: Yahoo

Willow Smith Felt Like Her Father Was Not Listening To Her

Willow wanted to shave her head following the album. However, Will was against it and it led to a cold war between the two. Moreover, Willow said in 2018, “It was a couple of years, honestly. Trying to regain trust for not feeling like I was being listened to or like no one cared how I felt.”

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