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Jada Pinkett Reveals She Had Emotional Breakdown And Suicidal Thoughts At 20 !



Jada Pinkett

Jada Pinkett Reveals She Had Suicidal Nervous Breakdown In The Past

Today Jada Pinkett is a successful producer, talk show host of Red Table talk, and proud mother of Jaden and Willow. Jada looks like someone who is very sorted in her life. However, there was a time when that was not the case. She revealed in Red Table Talk that she has had nervous breakdowns in the past and it has even proved to be suicidal. She said, “I got a level of success, pretty much got everything I had asked for, and had basically what I believe is a nervous breakdown and was also suicidal.”

Jada Pinkett

Source: Insider

Jada Pinkett Had Suicidal Thoughts Due To Repressed Rage

Jada Pinkett revealed that there were two instances in his life where she got suicidal thoughts. When she looked deeper, she found that there was one thing common between them. Both the times, the reason behind the thoughts was repressed rage. There was anger inside her that was feeding her with suicidal thoughts. Moreover, she said, “It’s happened twice in my life. And I found out the same thing, that it was all based upon repressed rage. I was sitting on so much rage that was covering my sorrow and despair.”

Jada Pinkett Went Through Emotional Breakdown At The Age Of Twenty

Jada Pinkett had an emotional breakdown at the age of 20. It was the time when she got success but that gave her less happiness than expected. He said, “I had gotten to LA and gotten a certain amount of success and realized that wasn’t the answer. It made things worse and I became extremely suicidal and I had a complete emotional collapse.”

Jada Pinkett

Source: Insider

Jada Is Not Depressed Anymore

Jada Pinkett revealed that she is not depressed anymore in her life. Moreover, she said, “Now, thankfully, I don’t get depressed. I had to uproot some false beliefs. I had to just let go and I had to come to terms with what life is.”

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