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Jaden Smith Has Trouble Shooting This Scene Due To Will And Jada !



Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith Has To Stand Up Against His Movie Mother In Life In A Year

Jaden Smith has some exciting news for his fans. He is playing the lead in Life In A Year which is already out on Amazon Prime. The movie follows the life of a young couple Daryn and Isabelle where Isabelle is suffering from cancer. Daryn makes sure that Isabelle lives her life to the fullest before leaving him. In one of the scenes of the movie, Jaden has to get into the angry mode and fight with his mother in the movie. The movie promises to be intense and emotional for the audience.

Jaden Smith

Source: Amazon Prime

Jaden Smith Had A Hard Time Shooting This Scene

Jaden Smith had a hard time shooting one particular scene. In the scene mentioned earlier where Daryn has to rebel against his mother, Jaden had a hard time shooting that scene. Apparently, he found it difficult to rebel against his character’s mother and they had to do many retakes. The director said, “Even though in the scene he was supposed to rebel against that and say, ‘No, I’m not stopping.’ This is a huge fight against the mother. Every time she said stop, it’s like he was programmed.”

Will And Jada Are The Reason Behind Jaden Smith’s Shooting Problem

There was a reason why Jaden had a problem shooting for the scene. Director Okorn revealed that Jaden is accustomed to respecting his parents and so it was very difficult to rebel against his movie mother. He was in the habit of obeying his parents and that was getting into his character as well. Okorn said, “He’s so well brought up that when we had a scene when his movie mother is screaming at him, like, ‘Stop,’ Jaden stopped. He was like, ‘An older person than me which I have to respect is saying to stop so I’ll stop.’”

Jaden Smith and Cara Delevingne

Source: W Magazine

Jaden Smith’s Life In A Year Is Already Out

Jaden Smith’s Life In A Year is already out on Amazon Prime. People are praising the performance of Jaden and Cara but it looks very similar to Fault in our Stars.

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