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Jaden Smith Installs A Water Box In Skid Row. Gets ’Emotional’ About New Movie With Cara Delevigne



Jaden Smith is a unique personality and celebrities everyone today is proud of. He isn’t just a musician an actor or a social influencer, who is also a social activist who stands for People’s right. Recently took took an initiative to install a Water box in skid row downtown to the Los Angeles. And not just that this 22 year old has achieved a lot this year which also brings as the most important news “his movie with Cara Delevigne”. check out everything you need to know about it.


Jaden Smith introduced a non-profit that has teamed up with kind human and homeless healthcare. The organisation will install a water bottle in slide row downtown Los Angeles. The area was struggling to have clean water since a very long time. And Jaden Smith decided to solve this problem for the people living there. The organisation claims to provide 10 gallon clean water per minute. Which is pretty much great.

Jaden Smith’s Initiative

The Box is at ReFresh Spot, it provides Solutions to the problems that homeless people have. In an interview Jaden Smith made a statement saying that ReFresh Spot is expanding And is growing. Smith mentioned that he has taken the initiative not just to help but to throw light on the organisation as well that does such good work. fans are very impressed with Jaden Smith’s good work.


This isn’t the first time when Jaden Smith had taken a social initiative. He even recently introduced a show on snap chat for social awareness. To talk against injustice, racism and more. He has never failed to be an inspiration for people from all around the world.


Smith has been working on the project since 2019 and has finally come to the accomplishment of it. Fans and his close one mainly his family is very proud of his work, as they support him at every stage. Smith in his interview even claimed that this is his biggest project and finally having it accomplish is a big deal for him. And he is proud of it.

Jaden Smith And Cara Delevingne

Life has been a roller coaster ride for him in 2020. From releasing a famous single, you getting sick, to taking several social initiative and having a movie released and what not. Jaden Smith’s 2020 has been iconic. As for his professional life, “Life in a Year,” his romantic drama with Cara Delevingne has been a great hit this year. It has was released on 27 November.

Picture via Pinterest.


The movie is about a young boy who’s is played by Jaden Smith that falls for a woman that has cancer. The woman has less than a year to live. The movie is very emotional love story that will definitely make you cry. The viewer can’t resist but to love the movie. For those who don’t know, Cara and Jaden once had dating rumours. And there’s no doubt in the fact that they have an undeniable spark.


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