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Jaden Smith Shares A Great Relationship With His Step-Brother Trey !



Jaden Smith and Trey

Jaden Smith Shares A Great Relationship With Trey Smith

Jaden Smith and Trey Smith are step-brothers. Trey is the son of Will Smith from his first marriage to Sheree Zampino. On the other hand, Jaden is the son of Will Smith from his second marriage to Jada Pinkett. Many years ago, in his appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, he revealed that he shared a great relationship with his step-brother. He said, “He’s guiding me, he’s helping me a lot, and I really love him and he’s a great guy.”

Jaden Smith and Trey

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Jaden Smith Is A Mama’s Boy

Jaden Smith’s interview with Letterman came at the time when he was just eleven and was going to come as a lead star in The Karate Kid. Letterman asked Jaden as to who he was more close to and he revealed without hesitation that he was closer to his mother Jada Pinkett. Moreover, he said, “I really like her. I think I’m a mom’s boy more than I am a dad’s boy because my dad when we’re shooting movies, he will just push me to the edge of death.”

Jada Pinkett Remembers Will Pushing Jaden Smith Too Hard

Jada Pinkett has also voiced a similar opinion to Jaden where she revealed that Will pushed Jaden a little too hard when he stepped into acting. She said touched on the topic in one of the episodes of Red Table Talk. She said, “I remember being on set with Will and it was such a struggle between him and me in regards to Jaden. And I understand why men take their sons away for like whatever kind of warrior training, because it is completely, utterly, unfair and unnatural for a woman to have to sit and watch anything like that for her son.”

Jaden Smith and Will Smith

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Jaden Has Distanced Himself From Acting

Jaden and Will acted together in a movie called After Earth amid a lot of hype. However, the movie was critically and commercially panned and that was the last time Jaden acted in a movie. Since then he has focused on his music and business.

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