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Jaden Smith Was Not Even A Teenager When He Started With Just Water!



Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith Was 11 When He Started Just Water

It takes a lot for someone like Jaden Smith to find a name of his own since his father is the great Will Smith. Jaden has dived into different things and has been successful in almost everything that he has tried. Today he is known for his various works and not by the name of his father. Other than being an actor, singer and a fashion icon, Jaden is also an entrepreneur and environmentalist. He has a company called Just Water that provides clean drinking water in a recyclable bottle. What is fascinating to know is the fact that Jaden started it when he was only 11 years old.

Jaden Smith

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Why Did Jaden Smith Start Just Water

Jaden Smith has talked about the importance of environment multiple times. Instead of just accepting the situation, he decided to make a change. He saw that there was no alternative to plastic when it came to giving out clean water. So that gave him the idea of Just Water which is more like a tetra pack. He said, “We started Just Water when I was 11. It was because I was so concerned with the Pacific Patches and the amount of the CO2 that goes into creating plastic.”

What Is Just Water Started By Jaden Smith

Just Water is the company that Jaden Smith launched to reduce the number of plastic bottles that are manufactured for packaged drinking water. It is much safer than plastic bottles when it comes to environmental repercussions. He said, “There were no other water bottles that had an alternative to [plastic], so that’s when why we started Just, and found Tetra Pak.”

Jaden Smith

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Jaden Gets Is Fit Again

After a long stint of remaining weak and pale, Jaden is finally back to being fit. He is a vegan, and it initially took a toll on his health. He became frail but has now managed to come out of it.

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