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Jaden Smith With Lyft To Help Who Needs A Ride



Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith Partners With Lyft

The Smith family is associated with several social works for years. They have multiple foundations to help marginalised people and help them in every possible manner. Jaden Smith also never miss a chance to serve the underprivileged community.

He recently partnered with Lyft and announced to give a lift to the needy people. In the partnership, Will and Jada Smith family foundation to offer thousands of free ride. Jaden Smith, with the Ride Share company, is going to donate $50,000 credit rides to the citizens.

Along with this Jaden, Smith is also working with 501cThree, which helps people to get clean water. Smith and Family are always up for any social responsibilities and are an active participant. Will and Jada raised their children also such away.

Smith’s Contribution To The Society

Apart from these Smith’s LA-based foundation I love you Restaurant also help people with food. The charity provides vegan food to homeless people. Jaden Smith talks about the partnership. He said he is proud to be a part of the noble work and their foundation will help the needy people.

Along with Lyft, they will provide free rides to the netizens in LA to fetch clean water and also to reach their workplace. Jaden Smith and foundation will also take care of the food of those people through their I love you Foundation.

Jaden’s Health Taking A Toll

Jaden Smith himself is going through a lot this time and severely ill because of his diet. The young member of the Smith family decided to be vegan and that taking a toll to his health. His body does not suit the diet and resulting lack of Omega, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12. He is under the medication, and family hope for a quick recovery.

Jaden Smith

Source: Essence

Recently Jaden with younger sister Willow appeared for an interview, where they shared about many things. From their lifestyle to study and having degree everything. How much they are proud of each other and admire each other. In the interview, they discussed their dream projects together.

In this pandemic, people around us need help. Many lose their job and even their home and in such situation Jaden Smith with the use of family doing some great work.

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