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Jaden Smith’s Controversial Statement ‘I Feel Closer With My Mom’ Shocks Everyone.



Jaden Smith has been a lot in the news lately. For getting extremely sick, to the new movie release and even for his controversial statements. A recent statement of his from his interview with David Letterman has gone viral  where Jaden has mentioned that he is closer with her mom then her dad. The statement has created a lot of chaos in the world right now. check out everything you need to know about it.


Jaden Smith has always had a very close relationship with her parents. He has worked with both of them. Jaden Smith Will Smith in several movies together. and on the other hand, has also come on her mothers ‘Red Table Talk Show’. And has addressed several issues as well. However, it seems like the 22 year old is closer to her mom than to her dad. And it’s clear evidence his the interview clip that went viral recently.

Jaden’s Statement

When Jaden was 11 year old he was interviewed from David Letterman. There he admitted that he is a ‘moms boy’. And that he felt closer to Jada Smith than Will Smith. This was a shock to many people and normal for others. But fans started assuming the reason why the little boy made this statement.


In 2010, Jaden appeared in her first film, ‘The Karate Kid’ and got extreme love and fame after that. The young star has accompanied a lot in his early age. But rumours are that things aren’t really at its best all the time between him and his dad. After the release of the Karate Kid Will Smith even mentioned that he doesn’t really wishes to work with his son again. As he claims that working with someone from the family is pretty hard. And things doesn’t go as planned.

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Smith even claimed once his movie was a big flop in which both him and his son Jaden were there. Which hurted Jaden as lot since he was in his early stage. It created a whole lot of tension all around. And Will smith mentioned that he never wants do the same mistake again. And fans are assuming that work tension between the two is a reason why Will and Jaden aren’t as close as Jada and Jaden.


In the interview David Letterman asked about Jaden’s relationship with his father in mother both. About his father he mentioned that he is really helpful guiding and strong personality he really look up to. Where is talking about his mother he went a little emotional saying that he really really likes her and he is very comfortable with her. He then mentioned that she’s like a friend to him and he is more of a mama‘s boy.


In the interview Jaden mentioned that his relationship with his mother is everything he ever wants. And this indicates that oh yes he is way too closer with her mom then with her dad. That doesn’t mean that he’s relationship with his father is something bad. But just that the little boy is more comfortable with her mom.


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