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Jaden Takes Sisters Footsteps To Withdraw Smith From His Name




Jaden On Withdrawing Smith From His Name

The sibling’s duo Jaden and Willow are very close to each other. They have only two years of the age difference, and they get along a lot like real friends. Willow is elder to Jaden, and in many ways, he tries to follow her. The same happens when Jaden followed Willow and decided to remove Smith from his name.

Well, Jaden and Willow are the children of the famous Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, and no matter what that legacy will be there always. Both Jada and Will made it so big that their children got the gift automatically, and that is irreplaceable.

Jada and Will brought up their children well, and they gave them all the freedom. Their unique parenting brought the best out of their children, and they succeed to create their own identity.

Inspired By Younger Willow

Recently in an interview, Jaden revealed how sister’s bold step of removing Smith from her name inspired him. One very day the pop-star realised that Willow is only Willow and she is no longer using the famous last name. He was like wow! and very much liked the idea and the step taken by Willow.

The Karate Kid star also decided to conquer the idea and remove Smith from his name. He tried to configure the two identities, and one out of them gave him his own identity. That is singing.

Jaden was featured in many films along with father Will and some alone. But that mostly because of his last name and he has the least contribution to them. On the other hand, singing is his passion and is his own. It is his love for singing that brought him all the success of being a singer.

The Two Identity For Jaden

And this way, he creates an identity for himself. One is Jaden, that is entirely for music and his love for music. And the other is his films where he is Jaden Smith because father Will Smith Has a contribution there.


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But Smith family seems very much attached with names and they make sure the family members stay connected by characters. And that’s why Jaden named after Jada and Willow is the female version of Will. So the last name is the only thing that confirms their identity, preferably the first name also has the significance of being a member of the Smith family.

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