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Janet Hubert Did Not Know About Reunion With Will Smith Till The Day Before Shoot !



Will Smith And Janet Hubert

Janet Hubert And Will Smith Finally Patch Things Up After 27 Years

Janet Hubert and Will Smith have a history that goes up to 30 years. Both Will and Janet were part of the hit sitcom The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. However, after the third season, Janet left the show. There was some rift between her and the makers and that led to her exit. Will publicly talked ill of Janet that she wanted the show to be about her and left due to the same. This started a feud between the two. However, the show completed thirty years and Will decided to patch up with Janet after 27 years.

Will Smith And Janet Hubert

Source: LA Times

Why Did Janet Hubert Leave The Show

Janet Hubert revealed that the reason for leaving the show was not what Will had said to the press. The makers had made a very strict contract where she was not allowed to work anywhere else. She was going through tough time personally as her husband had no job and she had a small baby to feed. Hence, she disagreed with the makers and left the show. However, when Will made a statement about the reason Janet left, it created a negative image for her and she ended up not finding much work after that.

Janet Hubert Did Not Know About Reunion With Will Smith Until The Day Before Shooting

Janet revealed that she got to know about the reunion a day before the shoot. She said, “Absolutely. Because all I ever wanted back was my reputation. That’s all I’ve been asking for 27 years. I didn’t find out about the reunion until the day before I was to fly out and go to the reunion. They had been trying to get in touch with me, to no avail.”

Will Smith And Janet Hubert

Source: My Celebrity Life

Janet Hubert Desperately Wanted To End Feud With Will Smith

Janet immediately hopped onto the idea of patching up with Will when she got to know that the idea came from Will. She said, “So when I found out and asked whose idea it was, they said it was Will’s, I had to go. Because I wanted this to be over, desperately wanted this to be over.”


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