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Jenner’s Fallout With Woods And Her Opinion On Woods Friendship With Jaden



Kylie Jenner and Jordon woods decided to end their friendship and part ways in February 2019. The reason for Jenner’s and Woods’s friendship to fallout lies behind the Woods Tristan Thompson cheating scandal. This has affected Jaden Smith’s friendship with Jenner and Woods.

Jenner's fallout with Woods

Jenner and Woods became friends in middle school; they were introduced by their mutual friend Jaden Smith. They were inseparable for several years. But now after ending their friendship, Woods have decided to focus on herself, her business, and on other friends.

Jenner's fallout with Woods

The three of them were good friends, but after Jenner’s fallout with Woods, the relation is strained. However, Woods and Smith have a much deeper connection since the beginning, which has lasted for decades.

Kylie Jenner’s Views On Jaden Smith And Jordyn Woods’ Friendship:

Jenner joked that she is jealous of the friendship between Jaden and Jordyn. Jenner and Woods used to show their friendship on the online platform all the time. They used to post photos together on Instagram, Twitter, and even make videos together on YouTube.

In 2018, a question-answer video released by Jenner with Woods was released on her YouTube channel. They had discussed personal questions about Stormi Webster, how they met. They even mentioned that it was Jaden who introduced them to each other while drinking iced coffees.

Jenner said,” She has known Jaden, like, her whole life, and I met him in middle school. They were best friends; they still are- whatever.” She even rolled her eyes on saying that Woods and Smith have a closer bond in the video.

Jenner's fallout with Woods

‘Disgusted’ By Woods’s Interview With Jada Pinkett Smith:

The scandal of Woods and Thompson cheating came up to the light in February 2019. This was the main reason for Jenner’s fallout with Woods. After being in the headlines for several days, Woods appeared on Red Table Talk, hosted by Jaden Smith’s mother, Jada Pinkett Smith.

Due to the long-lasting relation of Woods with the Smiths, she said she feels safe telling Jada about the entire story. Woods said,” It was Thompson who kissed me when I was leaving.”, and that she never made the first move. She claimed they never slept together.

According to E!, many members of the Kardashian family were disappointed and upset with Woods’s statement. They felt betrayed by Woods’s statement. As said by an insider,” She has taken a bad situation and made it worse by concocting this fake story to try and make herself look better.”

They were disgusted by the fact that she would give an interview and would try to make herself look like the victim in the entire situation. It has only worsened the situation rather than improving it. Now, they have firmly decided that they would never work with the model again.

Jaden Smith On Choosing Sides:

After Jenner’s fallout with Woods, many of their mutual friends decided to choose sides. Stassie Karanikolaou, Kylie Jenner’s best friend, was friends with the founder of Kylie Cosmetics and with Jordyn Woods at one point. Although Wood was invited to one of Stassie’s parties in 2019, the Jenner fans know better, that Stassie is closer to Jenner and would choose her over the model always.

Jaden Smith is one of the mutual friends of Jenner and Woods, who didn’t pick a said after the  Jenner’s and Woods’s fallout. He has been neutral towards both of them. As stated by Hollywood life, Jaden Smith wants no relation with the entire scandal and wants to stay as far as possible.

A source said,” Jaden is staying neutral in the feud between Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner. He is the kind of guy who stays away from drama, and since this has nothing to do with him, he is staying out of it.”


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