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John Mulaney Sent To Rehab For Drug Abuse.



Just when we thought that 2020 couldn’t get any worse, will it did. John Mulaney has been reportedly sent to a rehab for cocaine and drug abuse. This was not something expected by anybody especially not his fans. The famous comedian was suffering with drug addiction for a really long time. He has finally sent to The rehab for the good. His family and friends have reacted on it too. Check out everything you need to know about it.


John, the famous iconic comedian has reportedly sent to a rehab for his drug addiction and abuse. According to the reports he was taking cocaine in an extreme amount for a really long time. He was struggling with his mental and physical health and needed help. It is even claimed that his entire family was stressed about John and his health. Moreover, he was way too much into drugs that his career was affected too. Things were going really down for him since past few years.

John Sent To Rehab

On Monday the publication reported that the famous comedian John Mulaney is seeking treatment in a rehab for his drug abuse. The 38-year-old was having physical and mental breakdown since really long time as even worse too much into drugs. According to the reports he was so much into drugs that he would take it every single day in an extreme amount. His family member claimed that they are finally happy that John has been sent to the rehab and is seeking help. They even claimed that he can finally get back better and be back home.

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John even open up about his drug addiction in a few interviews recently. in one interview John claimed that he was 13 when you started drinking and smoking. And he did it all in the first place to get attention. John said that he never really enjoy smoking but he did it out of curiosity company and to seek attention. He claimed that the first time he is not he did not like it at all. Which made him curious to have cocaine and other stuff as well. And I ended up liking cocaine a lot.

John Sent To Rehab

And almost 20 years now he is addicted to cocaine like anything else. John mentioned that even though he loves cocaine it has messed up his life upside down. he could have done so much better and so much bigger if you were not addicted to a drug like that. Sharing the story he mentioned that he got sober at the age of 23 but got back it is a drug addict once again. however he is finally seeking help and treatment in the rehab and is hoping to get them back well soon.


John is likely to be in the rehab for a few years and get all his treatment done. We can expect him to get back well soon and get back to comedy once again. cancer wish him the best and wished for a faster recovery.


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