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Johnny Depp takes his 25 year feud with Leonardo DiCaprio to the “next level”?



Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio had a hard time working on What Gilbert Grape Eats for the first time, but rumor has it that they haven’t buried the ax yet. The report claims the two stars are indeed “at war”. The Bludger watched the story.

Was Johnny Depp “threatened” by DiCaprio’s talent?

“Hollywood bad guys at war!” shouted women’s day. According to the magazine, Depp and DiCaprio have been at odds for “more than 25 years,” and their hostility has only increased since they first started working nearly three decades ago. Citing Depp’s earlier confession of “torturing” young DiCaprio in the film, the outlet reported that “well-known film stars have taken their bitter feud well and truly to the next level!”

“They haven’t liked each other since … Johnny saw Leo’s talent and just felt threatened. It only made things worse when Leo was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor and Johnny didn’t even see it,” explained an anonymous. Insider. . The magazine’s claims after Depp’s suit against British tabloids reveal that he was apparently nicknamed DiCaprio at one point, “Pumpkin Head”, things got worse. “As Leo got more famous, his breakup was forgotten – but not Johnny. For years he refused to watch Leo films and made all their friends with them really uncomfortable.”

Similarly, DiCaprio suggests increasing Depp heat. “Leo’s reputation is much stronger than Johnny’s,” the source concluded with one last serious note:

“Johnny got involved with the wrong people!”

The truth about Depp “tormenting” young Leonardo DiCaprio

The story of Depp and DiCaprio going to war is nothing new. In fact, Gossip Cop watched a very similar story from NW a few weeks ago which also brought up the fact that Depp was disrespectful to DiCaprio on set and in court. And it’s no surprise that Women’s Day uses the same dirty tricks that the NW does – to get through all contexts.

It turns out that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor “admits” that he is not the best as a 30 year old veteran who deals with a 19 year old boy. His comments were cheerful and he had more fun than DiCaprio, who especially wanted to talk about video games and cigarettes from Johnny Depp. On the contrary, he highly praised his peers, who were directly at odds with the tabloid insiders.

The whole story about Depp being jealous of the Oscars is just as ridiculous. DiCaprio received the nod for his nuanced, emotional, and difficult performance as a supporting character. Depp as the leader will face Liam Neeson from the Schindler list and Tom Hanks from Philadelphia, who will ultimately win. Other nominees are Lawrence Fishburne, Anthony Hopkins, and Daniel Day-Lewis for shouting loudly. He knew he would not run and he had no reason to be bitter. There is no truth in this story without torment and envy of rewards. The two actors are clearly far more focused on bigger issues and their own careers than on some of the bizarre “hostility” to Depp that didn’t give him smoke a few decades ago.

There are also some schematic claims before that

Someone on Women’s Day seemed to be obsessed with what Gilbert Grape was eating because the magazine seemed to love pitting the two actors against each other. Two years ago, he created a weird love triangle that still keeps Depp and DiCaprio arguing with Jennifer Aniston today.

Of course, the tabloid reports for Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio were just as bad respectively. He recently tried to argue that DiCaprio was going to become a father, which was just not true. He had to tease Margaret Quali beforehand, which wasn’t true either. Depp is eager to set him up with Angelina Jolie, and has even claimed that Michelle Pfeiffer created it. We don’t know if these findings just throw arrows at the list of actors to falsely challenge, but it sure feels like it – and frankly, that method could turn out to be true more often than not the tabloids.


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