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Justin Bieber Issues Clarification Onn Rumors Of His Attempt To Become A Church Minister !



Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Denies Reports Of Trying To Become A Church Minister

Justin Bieber has always been open about his faith and religion. However, there were some strong rumors lately that he was trying hard to become a minister in the church. Moreover, the reports suggested that Justin was studying hard to become a church minister. Now, he has clarified through Instagram that he is up to no such thing. He said, “I’m not studying to be a minister or anything even close to that. Have no desire for that. This is fake news.”

Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber Denies Reports Of Him Being Part Of Hillsong

Along with the rumors of him making efforts to become a minister, additional information suggested that he was a part of Hillsong. However, he further explained in his clarification that he was not part of the Hillsong church. Instead, he even went on to clarify that he was part of Churchome. Moreover, he said, “And btw Hillsong is not my church… For clarity, I am a part of Churchome.”

Justin Bieber Gives Some Advice On Church And Christianity

Justin Bieber went a little ahead and gave some advice on Church and Christianity. Moreover, he feels it is irrelevant where he goes to church as the people make a church and not the building. He feels the people carry the church in their hearts and there is no specific place to pray. Moreover, he said, “Church is not a place. We are the church. We don’t need a building to connect with God. God is with us wherever we are.”

Justin Bieber

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When Justin Bieber’s Mother Talked About His Faith

Justin Bieber’s mother is proud of how her son has grown spiritually. Moreover, she said a few years ago, “It’s astounding to consider that at such a young age he’s experienced extraordinary fame, and yet here he is at 21 years old making some amazing decisions and really developing. I’m proud of who Justin is and the incredible journey he’s on.”

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