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Kaitlyn Bristowe Reveals How Boyfriend Jason Tartick Helps Her Deal with Anxiety !



Kaitlyn Bristowe Jason Tartick

Kaitlyn Bristowe Reveals That Jason Tartick Too Gets Anxiety Seeing Her Anxious

The 35-year-old bachelorette co-host, Kaitlyn Bristowe has been very open about her struggles with anxiety. In an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life, she reveals how her boyfriend Jason Tartick helps her deal with anxiety. She said, “We’ve learned over the years that he’s an empath so when I have anxiety, it almost gives him anxiety. So, he really has to step back and be there for me rather than taking it on from me because I’m an empath myself so I really understand that struggle. He’s so good because I’m able to communicate before it happens.

Kaitlyn Bristowe Jason Tartick

Source: E! Online

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick Have Good Communication 

Kaitlyn also revealed that its triggering for her when people asks too much when she is having a panic attacks and that Jason know exactly what to do as they have good communication in their relationship. She further said, Sometimes I just have got to put my feet up. I like to have something cold when I have those really bad anxiety attacks because sometimes for me it’s triggering when people are like, ‘Are you OK? What can I do?’ He knows now, so he just supports me in any way. We have really good communication in our relationship and I think he just knows what I need.”

Kaitlyn Bristowe Talks More About Her Triggers

In the interview Kaitlyn talked about how important it is to feel one’s feelings. Moreover, she said, “I think triggers for me are based around fears, but mostly, for me unfortunately, it’s really hormonal for me so usually around that time of month — it’s almost clockwork for me at this point that I know what’s going to happen. Sometimes I will manage it by going and doing a workout and getting my endorphins and sometimes I’ll manage it by having a glass of wine and sometimes I’ll manage it by laying in bed and not feeling guilty about it and that’s where it really helps to listen to your body and be in tune with your body and not pressuring yourself or having any shame around it.”

Kaitlyn Bristowe Jason Tartick

Source: TV Insider

Kaitlyn Bristowe Is Excited to Work with Erin Treloar

She also confessed that other than Jason, Erin Treloar is another person who has helped through her darkest days. She further said, “I remember wanting to work with Raw Beauty before I went on The Bachelor and when I came off The Bachelorette, I was so excited to have a platform, to share a space with people that you could feel empowered. There’s body positivity. They’re celebrating women of all different shapes, colour and sizes. I’ve believed what Erin has been doing for so many years and I was finally able to have this platform to share it. We’re going to do zooms, were going to dance, we’re going to talk about important things, we’re going to share our stories. I know from my experience, working with her is really, really life changing.”

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