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Kaley Cuoco Had A Huge Crush On Johnny Galecki At The Start Of Big Bang Theory !



Kaley Cuoco Johnny Galecki

Big Bang Theory Stars Johnny Galecki And Kaley Cuoco Dated For Two Years

It is a known fact that Big Bang Theory lead stars Johhny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco dated for a few years. The two have openly admitted it multiple times. However, at that time, their characters were not dating on the show. By the time their characters, Leonard and Penny got together, they had already split up. Their personal relationship never came in the way of their characters. Moreover, Kaley recently revealed, “We dated really early on for almost two years. When we did the pilot, I was crushing so hard on Galecki but he had a girlfriend.”

Kaley Cuoco Johnny Galecki

Source: Film Magic

Kaley Cuoco Reveals She And Johnny Galecki Were Mad For Each Other

Kaley and Johnny’s friendship became stronger after their breakup and it did not affect their on-screen chemistry. She revealed that the two were madly in love but unfortunately broke up. Moreover, she said, “We got together and just fell mad for each other for two years, but then we broke up. Luckily Johnny and I came out of it so brilliantly and we’re closer today than we ever were.”

Kaley Cuoco Reveals She And Johnny Galecki Had Many Intimate Scenes In Big Bang Theory After Their Breakup

Kaley noticed that their series creator Chuck Lorre put many sex scenes in the show just when the two had broken up. She admitted that it was a bit sensitive to do the scenes due to the breakup but it eventually worked out. Moreover, she said, “When we broke up obviously it was a little sensitive for a minute, but I remember those weeks that Chuck had written these episodes where all of a sudden our characters were like sleeping together every other second.”

Kaley Cuoco Johnny Galecki

Source: CBS

Kaley Feels Chuck Lorre Put Sex Scenes With Johhny On Purpose

Kaley feels Chuck put those intimate scenes on purpose. She said, “Johnny and I talk about it and I think [Chuck] did that on purpose — just to f— with us. If I was with him, I would ask him because that came out of nowhere. All of a sudden these characters were all up on each other.”

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