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Kamala Harris Won’t Allow Donald Trump To Overturn Election Result !



Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris Believes Joe Biden Has Won The Election Decisively

Kamala Harris is not buying the attempt of Donald Trump of claiming fraud in this year’s election. Moreover, she has asserted that people have given their clear support to Biden and Trump should not try to change the will of Americans. Moreover, she feels Biden has won the elections decisively and there is no reason to think otherwise. She said, “Joe Biden won decisively, with more votes than have ever been cast in American history. It amounts to 75 million voices and counting, calling on the Supreme Court to see this case for what it is.”

Kamala Harris

Source: Mercury News

Kamala Harris Won’t Allow Donald Trump To Overturn The Election

Kamala Harris feels Trump’s attempt to overturn the election is a futile attempt. She assured that herself and will not let Trump tamper with the election result in his favor. Moreover, she said, “A blatant attempt to overturn the will of the people, and the President-elect and I cannot let this happen.” Trump is repeatedly claiming that he has won the election even though all news channels have declared Biden as the clear winner.

Kamala Harris All Set To Fight Coronavirus, Climate Change And Racism With Joe Biden

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden have already set their ball rolling. They are organizing meetings with experts to formulate a plan after Biden takes over the office. Moreover, Harris said, “@JoeBiden and I are ready to get COVID-19 under control. We’re ready to rebuild our economy. We’re ready to meet the challenges of the climate crisis. We are ready to act to address systemic racism. And we’re ready to fight for you.”

Kamala Harris

Source: Adam Schultz / Biden for President

Kamala Vouches For Healthcare Of Americans

Kamala Harris is vouching for keeping the Affordable Care Act made under Obama. She said, “We just held an election, and our country made a clear choice: each vote for @JoeBiden was a statement that health care should be a right—not a privilege. And we won that election decisively, with more votes than have ever been cast in American history.”

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