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Kanye West Is Against Raising Kids In LA; Wants To Raise Kids In DESERT !



Kanye West

Kanye West Doesn’t Want To Raise His Kids In LA

Kanye West is not attached to LA like Kim Kardashian. While Kim considers it her home, Kanye finds LA to be fake. Moreover, he feels it is not the right environment for his kids and wants to raise them outside LA. The shocking news comes after a source close to him revealed it. Moreover, the source said, “He’s absolutely done with living in L.A. and feels everyone and everything is fake. He doesn’t want to bring his children up that way.”

Kanye West

Source: Hollywood Life

Kanye West Wants To Raise His Kids In A Desert

As shocking as it may sound, Kanye wants his kids to grow in the desert. It feels like he has everything planned in his head and is ready to leave LA as soon as possible. Moreover, the source said, “He wants to build a compound in the desert. The geography of them as a family unit right now is a large source of the tension between them, but things are starting to get better as they begin communicating.”

Kanye West And Kim Are Yet To File Divorce

The source revealed that Kim and Kanye have not yet filed for divorce. However, this is contrary to the reports that say the two have filed for it. As per the source, Kim is patient as she doesn’t want to split up her family unless it is the only option. Moreover, the source said, “This won’t affect their divorce because nothing has been decided or filed yet. Kim seems to be really patient right now because, at the end of the day, she doesn’t want to split up the family and since the communication has improved, she’s waiting on him to shape up. She’d be open to having a compound as a place to visit, but not live full-time.”

Kanye West

Source: MEGA

Kim Is Not Leaving LA

Kim Kardashian is not leaving LA and Kanye’s compound will be near it. The source said, “She’s made it clear L.A. is her home. The compound he’s looking to build will be in a desert-like setting in California not far from L.A.”

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