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Kanye West Throws Shade Towards Kim Kardashian For Not Voting Him In The Presidential Election.



Kanye West finally reacted to Kim Kardashian nit voting for him in the presidential elections. Kanye being the most sarcastic has thrown shade towards his wife and fans are loving it. However, the couple is reportedly out on a romantic vacation. Which is confusing fans a lot and everyone is just unable to understand what is going on between the two iconic yet scandalous stars. In the past 2 days, Kim has uploaded two controversial pictures with husband Kanye West. Do fans have an important issue to raise was the divorce scandal just to create chaos? Check out everything you need to know about it.

Kanye West Response

According to the reports, the couple were not in a good place since the start of the US Presidential elections. Kim indirectly even proved that she has not voted for husband Kanye West. First, she liked a tweet of a famous rapper who asked people to vote for Joe Biden. Later Kim uploaded a picture right after she voted. In the picture, she was wearing a red dress which made people believe that she has voted for Trump. And that made Kanye finally react in his way about how he feels.

Picture via Instagram.

After losing the 2020 presidential elections Kanye West tweeted ‘Thanks to the 60,000 people who voted for me, and none of them being my wife’. His sarcastic tweet has gone viral, as Kim does not support her husband. Millions of people saw the tweet with most of them reacting in their way. This tweet is proof that Kanye West isn’t very sad for losing but definitely for not getting her wife’s vote.


However, even after so much of drama and scandals, the two have gone for a vacation together and seem to be enjoying a little too much. Nobody can understand what the couple wants, this whole year their divorce has been one of the biggest headlines and now the two are back together as a happy couple. Looks like Kim is trying to make things good and compensate her ill actions.

Are They Back Together?

Kim Kardashian on 8 November 2020 uploaded a sexy close picture with her husband Kanye West and today on 9 November she uploaded one more picture from her trip. And that has frozen the internet. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian we’re having the worst phase in their relationship. The two were even going to divorce once the election process was over. However, the internet shows us a different story.


Thousands of fans asked her who she voted for but they refused to reveal. And that affected her husband West a lot. He tweeted several sad tweets. He claimed that he is happy for whoever voted her. And he will be forever grateful for all his supporters. Kanye then posted a picture of himself and cautioned it as ‘Kanye For 2024’ indicating that he isn’t giving up and he never will. And that he will be running for the president once again in 2024.


However, Kim,  this time she tried to clear all the mess she created in the past few weeks by showing support to husband Kanye West. And her Instagram accounts a proof of it. Both the pictures Kim uploaded in the past 2 days have caught the attention of millions of people. The pictures got more than a million likes and thousands of comment. Even though it has confused fans a little, we can’t deny the fans that the couple looks adorable together. What do you think about it?

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