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Kim Kardashian Bashed By Her Fans For Voting Trump.



What is happening? American TV personality Kim Kardashian has already voted in the American presidential elections. But what got fans tripping is that Kim indirectly confirmed that she is not voting for her husband Kanye West in this US presidential race. What a fail for Kanye West. Several incidents happen in the fast few days which kept the fans wondering whether she voted for Biden or Trump or even her husband Kanye West. Check out everything you need to know about it.

Who Did Kim Kardashian Vote For?

On November 4, Kim Kardashian posted a picture of herself confirming that she voted. However, she refused to reveal who she voted for, unlike other celebrities who came forward and announced their vote. Fans from all around the country were expecting her to be vocal about her vote. And tell who she voted for since she is a big celebrity has a voice of her own that is heard by millions of people. But how could she just reveal it when her very own husband was in the elections as well.


But if you think fans were just quite that you are wrong. Millions of fans just predicted who she voted for by noticing her actions. Earlier this week a famous rapper body posted an image saying ‘Vote for Biden, if you are the real one’. And what’s fishy about it is that Kim Kardashian liked thy images. Which is a clear indication about who she is voting.


Soon after fans got to know about it, a log of assumptions was made. Fans confirmed that she will for sure vote for Biden since she liked the image. However, it was a really tough time for her husband and his supporters. As some people were even getting mad at her for not supporting her husband. And started questioning their marriage.


But let me tell you, the iconic Kim Kardashian was not here for it, she confused her fans even more. On 4th November she posted a picture with the badge that says ‘I Voted’. However, what’s the most shocking thing is that the image had a red aesthetic and even Kim Kardashian wore a red dress in the picture.


The picture went viral in less than an hour. Millions of American saw it and made their assumptions as she voted for Donald Trump. She red stand for Trump in the US elections. Lakhs and lakhs of people started attacking Kim on her social media. Saying that she is a Trump supporter. And that she is not a right influencer. However, things got worst when Kim just deleted the picture and uploaded it again but in the Black and white filter. Which made it even more predictable for the fans.

Kanye West’s Reaction

Now the question arises that how Kanye reacts about all this. Kanye isn’t happy about how Kim has behaved on the internet from the past one week. What makes me the most upset is that Kim is not even revealing who she voted for. And in the meanwhile when all this drama was happening, Kanye tweeted that he is happy for his supporter who voted for him. And he will never let them down no matter what.

Picture via Twitter

Kanye then tweeted an image of himself and captioned it as ‘KANYE 2024’. Indicating that he will again try in 2024. And won’t give up no matter what. What do you think about it?

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