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Kim Kardashian Is Enjoying Her Life After Kanye West. Here’s Why !



Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Is ‘Over The Moon’ In Life Right Now

Source reveals that Kim Kardashian is over the moon in life right now after filing divorce from Kanye West. She doesn’t regret ending things with him at all. Moreover, she is enjoying her life as a single woman. The source said, “Kim is over the moon in life right now. She does love Kanye and worries about him all of the time, but she’s realizing she’s not his mother and she can’t make him do things to take care of himself.”

Kim Kardashian

Source: Vogue

Kim Kardashian Wished to Save Her Marriage

Although Kim is all happy in her life and is enjoying her singlehood to the fullest, yet she wished to save her marriage. “It’s not like Kim wanted a divorce. She wants to have a healthy, happy husband, but this is the next best thing. She gets some freedom,” the source shared.

Kim Kardashian Is Letting Go of Her Control

After a long and tiring journey, Kim has realized that what happened was not under her control and she tried everything to save her marriage. Hence, she’s let go of the control. The source explained, “Right now, Kim is coming to terms with the fact that this situation is out of her control. She’s been trying to control it for so long, but she’s let go of the control. She feels happy which she never thought she’d get to be again. It took her a long time to let go of that control.”

Kim Kardashian

Source: Metro

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are Committed for Co-Parenting

Both Kim and Kanye have come to the mutual conclusion that they want joint custody of their children. They are both very much committed for co- parenting. An insider told Hollywood Life, “Kanye will FaceTime when he wants to see the children and Kim is really great about that. He’s still seeing the kids they’re just keeping it all private and quiet and it’s not for long periods of time. Kim will take them up to Wyoming for a night or he’ll come out to California for a few days and stay with friends.”

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