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Kim Kardashian ‘s Ex-Nanny Pam Behan Gives SHOCKING REVELATION On Divorce !



Kim Kardashian Kanye West

Ex-Nanny Pam Behan Feels Kim Kardashian Is Doing The Right Thing With Divorce To Kanye West

Pam Behan was the nanny of the Kardashian household in the 90s. Moreover, she was the one who takes care of the now successful Kardashian kids when they were very young and innocent. As the reports of Kim and Kanye’s broken marriage grow louder with each day, Pam revealed her gut feeling. She feels Kim is doing the right thing by going fr divorce. Moreover, she said, “If I could speak to Kim now, I would say to her I want you to be happy, be strong. And at this point, I think she is doing the right thing by putting the marriage on the line.”

Kim Kardashian Pam Behan

Source: Daily Mail

Pam Behan Feels Kim Kardashian Will Be Fine After Kanye West Divorce

Pam feels Kim will have to face some harsh days after going ahead with the divorce. However, she also believes that Kim is a fighter and will be just fine after the rough phase passes by. Moreover, she said, “There will not be easy days ahead I am sure but she’s an overcomer. If she can get over this mountain, there’s going to be good things in the future for her. Kim is going to be fine, I know it.”

Kim Needs To Be Happy For Her Kids, Feels Pam Behan

Pam feels Kim Kardashian needs to be happy for her kids and is doing the right thing by keeping them ahead of her broken marriage. Moreover, she said, “Kim has got to be happy for herself and those kids. It’s just not good if the children are in an unhappy, unsettled environment and she’s right to put them first, ultimately.”

Kim Kardashian Kanye West

Source: Us Weekly

Pam Behan Feels Kim Kardashian Was Destined For Greatness

Pam is of the opinion that Kim is a special person and was always destined for greatness. Moreover, she said, ‘She was destined for greatness, she really was.”

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