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Kim Kardashian Shows Support To Kanye West On His New Song Amid Divorce Rumours And Marriage Issues!



The Kardashians and Jenner have once again had a blast this year for their Christmas celebration. however, what came to people‘s attention is that Kanye West was missing in the family celebration. France found it very weird as weeks earlier the news of them living separately came up as well. And Kanye West was missing in the Christmas celebration. But Kim Kardashian showed immense support to him at his new song. Check out everything I need to know about it.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were having some issues in their married life. And that was the reason they were going to get divorced at once. However the idea of divorce has been kept aside and the two of them are living separately for the moment. Both of them have different projects and lies which makes them very busy. But the fact that the two are still married to each other and have a family together fans were expecting Kanye West to be there at Kim‘s Christmas celebration.

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West

Even though Kanye waste was missing in the Christmas party and despite all the marriage problem Kim Kardashian has shown immense support to her husband. Kim Kardashian shared Kanye West is new tracks poster and asked her fans to listen to it ASAP. She wrote That it is a new sunday and fans should definitely listen to Kanye West is surprise music video which is a 12 minute long track. Kim Kardashian shared a bunch of posters by supporting her husband.

Picture via Instagram.

But what caught people’s attention for the fact that Kanye West is missing in the family gathering. And it is quite unusual because we have always seen Kanye West in a family gathering. Even when things between them weren’t that good. They still attended their family get-togethers together for their children. On the day of Christmas Kim Kardashian shared a bunch of pictures with the entire family.

The Controversy

One picture that caught the attention of millions of people was the family picture of Kim Kardashian with all her children. however Kanye West was missing in the family picture. It didn’t took fans long to realise that something was up between them. thousands and thousands of people started flooding or comment section by asking about Kanye West and why he wasn’t at the party.


One person wrote ‘No Kanye? Well that sucks!’ To which other wrote ‘Kanye didn’t attend the party? What’s wrong between them?”. Hundreds of people liked those comments were people were asking about Kanye Went. however right wing friends were going crazy about West not attending the party Kim Kardashian went full on by supporting her husband on the other end.


She posted a bunch of pictures supporting her husband and he is new song. In a way she even hinted that West is busy with his work and that is the only reason we couldn’t be there. It was a great response towards the fans who are going crazy about it.


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