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KUWTK Recap: Scott Having Low Testosterone; Kim Worried About Scott



Kim and Scott

KUWTK Recap: Scott Having Low Testosterone; Kim Worried About Scott:  For anyone who had missed the KUWTK episode, we provide the recap of the whole episode.

Kim Kardashian and Scott


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KUWTK: Scott Low On Energy Level & North Wanting A Tarantula

The episode, aired on 3 October, featuring Scott, Khloe, Kadijah, and Malika at a tennis lesson. Along with the game, Scott was exhausted and couldn’t continue the reading. With no energy to dive or run around, his with his kids or girlfriend, Scott is worried. Guessing it wasn’t his age or some health problem.

Keeping up with the Kardashian

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Later, at At Khloe’s house, Kim and Khloe talk about the match and the reach headlines. Kim isn’t happy with the press headlines about booing Tristan even though she was cheering him on. Khole stated that she knew that Kim didn’t have any ill intentions.

Later, the subject changes to North planning to get a tarantula, Kim has a fear from them. As a result, she plans on bribing the pet store employee to discourage North on getting a tarantula. North is fixed on getting a tarantula. Kim doesn’t seem to agree, guess North might not get his tarantula.

Kim Kardashian handles her daughter North

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Khole finds it ironic that North is obsessed with spiders in contrast with Kim being scared of them. Khloe wanted to be supportive of the North and plans something to help Kim conquer her fear of spiders.

Kim Interviews For Her Justice Reform Documentary & Scott Might Have COVID-19

Also, Kim did interviews for her justice reform documentary. The documentary is to help people understand that people who commit crimes can be rehabilitated and deserve a second chance.

Besides, during the interview, she reveals that she got the motivation from her kids. As raising two black kids scared her with the statistics of the majority of black people landing behind bars. She claimed that it threatened her that the system is so broken.

Recently, Kim had played a role in getting Alice Johnson, out of prison. The women helped her to understand the justice system by working. Currently, had been serving a life sentence for a non-violent drug-related offence.

Kim Worried About Scott

Later, Kim arrives at Scott house to take him grocery shopping, but he declines. Scott seems to be tired and wants to stay back home. As a result, Kim suggests him to get tested for COVID-19.

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Khloe Surprises Kim & Scott Gets His Health Checked

Kim Kardashian gets back at Khloe

Khole has a surprise for Kim. Kim is shocked to find out, Khole had called for a man that babysits tarantulas. Penelope and North join her. Kim is scared while North seems to be enjoying himself. She even put the tarantulas, on Kim’s head. She was freaking out, but Khloe wasn’t ready to give up just yet.

Scott takes to Kris regarding his health

Scott took up Kim’s suggestion and visited a doctor. Later, a nurse came to Scott’s house to draw blood, and from there, various tests were run.

Later, Kim travels to Washington, D.C. meeting with Alice and three other women who she helped pardon. Kim and the other women took off to meet the President. The ladies had to explain to him their situation and stories, hoping him to grant more amnesty in the future.

Scott doesn't have covid-19

Anxious, about the result, Scott decides to start taking nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) injections. It will help him with anxiety, restore cells, get more energy and for a lot of other beneficial reasons. Scott was even willing to sit for 5 to 6 hour IV session to feel better. Guess, all the partying in the past has caught up to Scott finally.

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