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Kylie Jenner Bashed By Her Fans For Not Being Responsible Towards Elections And For Always Promoting Her Products.



Kylie Jenner got bashed by her millions of followers for always promoting her cosmetics, even during elections. There’s no doubt in the fact that she is killing it in her new snakeskin bodycon outfit. Kylie wore this sexy snakeskin outfit for Halloween as she becomes Mugler Cobra. But the fact that the youngest KarJenner has also crossed 200 million on her Instagram, fans are expecting way more from her than just her makeup and fashion related pictures. Check out all the latest updates about your favourite, Kylie Jenner.


The Irresponsible Kylie

Kylie Jenner recently becomes the first member of the family to cross 200 million followers on Instagram. This celebrity may be the youngest but yet she is the most successful of her family. Kylie Jenner is certainly the second women in the world after Ariana Grande to cross 200 million followers on her Instagram. However, it doesn’t look like she is considerate or bothered about her millions of fans.


However, what got fans tripping the most is the fact that Kylie is behaving very irresponsible for a very long time. Especially when it’s elections it’s obvious fans expect a lot from their idols. Where other celebrities are encouraging their fans to vote this year no matter what. This 23-year-old makeup freak is just promoting her cosmetics. And sharing her sexy Halloween looks.


Kylie Jenner had been in a lot in the headlines recently. From seeing with several guys, to getting back with ex boyfriend Travis Scott to even for buying her little one a million dollar bag. For those who have follow Kylie for pretty long knows her love for being on the top. May it be her birthday or a Halloween look, she kills it all and breaks the internet with her looks and outfit. However, now it’s not just a few millions inspired by a 23 year old but a huge amount of 200 million people. Imagine being this successful at such a young age.

Why Are Fans Tripping?

But what is the most upsetting for the 23 years old is that even after having 200 million followers she is being bashed by her followers. Since not everyone is happy about her success this time. Thousands of people attacked her on social media since she was not being responsible enough. Fans made statement like ‘imagine being kylie Jenner, having 200 million and still not spreading awareness about elections’. This mainly happened because Kylie went full out promoting her Kylie cosmetic on every single occasion rather than talking about elections.

Picture via Twitter

Thousands of people took to Twitter to attack Kylie for being so irresponsible with her power. Fans claimed that she isn’t a true influencer as all she does it promote her products. Even when it is such a crucial time as elections. America’s future depends on this election, however, all Kylie cares about her Halloween look and her cosmetics.


Recently Kylie posted several posts in her new leopard and snake skin collections and fans are in love with it. The pictures are receive a lot of attention and letting millions of likes with lakhs of comments in less then 24 hours. Her sexy pictures are definitely one reason for her having 200 million followers. However, Kylie Jenner has not thanked her fans for the support yet. Nor have she made any statements about her followers till now. What do you think about it?

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