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Kylie Jenner Goes Natural, Reveals Her Natural Short Hair. Fans Are Shocked.



Kylie Jenner recently shared snaps of her real hair after a really long time. For the first time in a while, Kylie Jenner stripped down all her extensions and wigs and flexed her natural hair. and let me tell you guys fans were in love with her natural hair pictures. And fans even believed that she should post more often in her natural hair and skin. The picture of a red bob cut natural hair has gone viral all over the internet. Check out everything you need to know about it.


On Saturday the 23-year-old make up freak decided to show off her natural hair for the first time in a while. Her natural hair doesn’t look any worse than her million dollar weeks and extensions. Kylie shared a bunch of stories looking all cute and hold up on her Instagram. on the pictures of her natural hair showing off she captioned it saying that she needs to give more love her natural hair. She even claimed that she looks really good with a natural hair and she should post more often in it.

Kylie Goes Natural

She even posted a picture on her Instagram with Kim’s younger son and captioned the picture as a cool aunt. In the picture we can see her without any extensions and wings showing of natural natural hair. it looks like Kim is getting comfortable with being in natural in front of the world. and to our surprise fans have responded in a very positive way this time. Even though most of the time Kylie is being trolled for flexing her money way too much. This time she received an immense amount of love and support for going natural.

Picture via Instagram.

In the pictures, Kylie has worn all-white outfit. she has worn a white sweatshirt with a white sweatpants. Kylie has kept her make up glammed up but her hair natural. We can see her hair dyed red yet is short length. She has worn two clips on her hair which makes her look adorable. Kylie looks very cute in all those pictures flexing her natural hair.

The Pictures

Displaying a natural hair to the world for the first time in a while she captioned the picture as ‘my real hair is cute, gotta give it more love’. And to that fans would agree that her natural hair is cute and she should give it more love and post about it more often. Meanwhile the other Kardashians including Kim and Kourtney having a drunk night at the same party. No matter what they do they can never stop getting out of the drama.


Soon after the pictures were uploaded on the gram it went viral on all social media platforms. Fans started flooding the comment section giving her immense love support and appreciation. For trying to come out natural and appreciating what she has. However, this is not the first time Kylie has come out all natural. She has posted barefaced pictures without any make up several time. This is what we appreciate about this youngest Jenner in this family.


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