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Lady Gaga Showers Extreme Love For Ariana Grande.



Lady Gaga is a fan of Ariana Grande‘s ‘Positions’ song. Lady Gaga couldn’t stop herself but to be of obsessed with her dear friend Ariana‘s new songs. Then why wouldn’t she be? After all millions of people have loved her new single positions as it reaches millions of views. fans even believe that it is one of the most iconic song of Ariana Grande. check out everything you need to know about it.


Recently Lady Gaga took to the internet to talk about how much she loves Ariana grande‘s new song position. Gaga even claimed how much she loves Ariana. Moreover, the tweets of gaga have gone viral on the internet after she showed immense love and support towards one of her closest friend. And not just that even shared a short clip of video of her vibing and enjoying Ariana’s song.

Lady Gaga And Ariana Grande

Lady Gaga shared a short clip of video on her Instagram account. There she wore purple hair and was all ready singing the position song which is already playing in the background. Lady Gaga looked amazing buying lip-syncing to Grande song. She was all glammed up looking fabulous and was enjoying her close friends Song. While she uploads the video appreciating Ariana grande, she also mentioned that she is in love with the song and she loves her a lot as well.


“Love you gurl @ArianaGrandee OBSESSED WITH NEW ALBUM EXCUSE ME B-TCH ILYSM,” The star captioned her short clip video. Video later came to Haryana’s notice and Siri posted it showing enough love and affection back to her friend. Fans are just in love with this friendship.

Picture via twitter

Talking about Ariana grande she was the first woman to cross 200 million followers on Instagram. Moreover her iconic songs I loved by millions of people from all around the world. Her recent song positions have got immense love and fame from millions of people. This song has even become a trend on tik-tok YouTube Instagram and other platforms.

Lady Gaga Shows Love

This is however not the first time in Lady Gaga has appreciated and should support a friend. she is pretty great while supporting her friends in their work online and off-line. As you all recall she even appreciated Ariana grande and Justin Bieber on this song together ‘Holy’. even then she mentioned how much she loves Ariana grande and a songs.


And if you think that is all then you are probably wrong the friendship is an ongoing trend that is hyped up a lot recently and fans are just in love with them. Ariana grande also shows her equal love and affection back. We were even spotted together in several events and making cute tweets about each other online. however fans can’t resist but two watch more of their friendship. we can expect to see Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga together soon.


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