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Larsa Pippen Bashed By Lover’s Ex-Wife For Making False Allegations. Cheating Scandal Explained!



Larsa Pippen is back again creating Controversies and making scandalous statements. After being bashed by the Kardashians, She is now been called out by her lover’s ex-wife for making false allegations about her. And let me tell you guys fans are not here for it. Fans have had enough of Larsa Lying and making false allegations about people. Her lover‘s ex-wife has called her out and bashed her on the internet. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Larsa Pippen Recently in an interview made statements about her lover’s ex-wife Montana Yao. She claimed that her boyfriend got separated from her estranged wife before she started dating him. Malik Beasley and Larsa Pippen recently started dating. since the time the two started seeing each other rumours about Malik cheating on his ex-wife came up. According to the report, she was married to Montana but left her for Larsa. people even claimed that he was cheating on his ex-wife for this new girl.

Larsa’s False Allegations

However, when a lot of cheating rumours and allegations against Malik were going on the internet, Larsa came to her boyfriend‘s defence. she in an interview tried to turn the tables. When she was asked about her lover and how they got together. She claimed that she met him way after he got separated from his wife. Even though fans didn’t believe her as much, she made a lot of statement trying to defend Malik. Larsa Even claimed that Malik and Montana were to be separated for a long time and after they got separated she and my leg started seeing each other.

Picture via Instagram.

Both Larsa and Malik thought that they could get away with it. But this time they couldn’t. Montana called out both of them by claiming that all the allegations and statements are 100% false. soon after the clip of the interview went viral where Larsa claimed that Montana and Malik got separated way earlier. Montana came up and slammed Larsa by saying that receipts don’t lie and she doesn’t want to go there.

Fans Responses

Soon after this situation got Covid take fans started taking sides. With majority of them believing Montana as the well enough no how down Larsa can get. Larsa soon after faced a lot of backlash by her fans. People started trolling and bashing her all over the internet by claiming that she is a liar. And she says and gives wrong details to her fans.


Since this is not The first time that she has done it last time she made a lot of statements about the Kardashians and Jenners. And she was bashed even then by the Kardashians as they claim all the statements and claims against them were false. And that their ex-BFF was doing all of it to get attention. fans do not believe Larsa this time and slam her online. What do you think about the whole situation?


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