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Larsa Pippen Gets Cancelled By The Kardashians Once Again. See Kim Kardashian Throwing Shade Towards Ex Best Friend.



We are finally talking about the drama fans were desperately waiting for. Remember the time in Larsa Pippen and made controversial statements about the Kardashians? Fans are sure she didn’t see this coming. after almost a month of her ex-best friend shading her and her family Kim Kardashian is finally back throwing some shades. Kim can just not stop laughing at Larsa’s Sketch. Kim Kardashian is seen laughing her heart out at her ex best friend after she shaded her. As fans find it very funny. Check out everything you need to know about it.



Recently a video of Larsa’s sketches came up on the internet. And we could witness Kim Kardashian reacting two that sketch video. The funniest thing about it is that Kim Kardashian was dying laughing hard on the sketch video. The video came one month after hi so-called best friend made controversial statements about her and her family. Things are fuming between them as they were best of friends years earlier. Moreover, the Kardashians didn’t react to her earlier but now that Kim has done it people can’t resist laughing.

Kim Kardashian And Larsa Pippen

It first came to people’s notice when the Kardashians hit the unfollow button on Larsa Pippen. at first fans were very confused about what just happened in the squad. Later the video of her interview went viral in which she made many controversial statements. She mentioned that the only reason Khloe could get with Thomson because she was dating him first. Moreover she mentioned that Kanye West is a control freak and he brainwash is Kim Kardashian about her friends.

Picture via Instagram.

And if you think that was all then you are probably wrong. Because more things were going on with it. Larsa was asked why her friendship with Kim Kardashian decreased all of a sudden. The main reason for the interview was the same. To which she explained in a very scandalous manner. She even tried to ruin the Kardashian‘s reputation. But she didn’t knew what was coming for her next.

Kim Throws Shade

As soon as Kardashians find out about the same they unfollowed her on the social media platform. It was the first step of kicking her out of her squad. Later we did not see much happening. However fans saw this coming and expected the Kardashian to react in the most sarcastic manner possible.


And trust me when I say this is exactly what fans were hoping for. when Kim Kardashian saw The viral video of her ex best friends sketch she went crazy. She just couldn’t control her laughter and continued laughing for a really long time. And that was the best shade she could have thrown towards her after what she did. When the video of Kardashian‘s reaction went viral fans were just enjoying the heat. and trust me they are waiting for more to come their way from the Kardashians.


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