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Longest Serving Mayor’s Mansion Listed At $11.8 Million



At the top of the liberty Hills in San Francisco there is a beautiful huge mayor’s mansion. The mention does not look anywhere less than a dream to people. It once belong to the longest serving mayor of the district James. News is that the mansion is now available on sale and is to be sold at approximately $11 million. Check out everything you need to know about it.


The beautiful mansion at the top of liberty Hills in San Francisco is now up for sale and is rumoured to be sold at approximately $11 million. Moreover, rumours claim that The original house was made for Rolph’s mistress Anita Page. Moreover, it is claimed that the house was the centre for parties during prohibition.

The Mayor’s Mansion

The mansion is 4700 ft.² and consist of two bedrooms. It recently got renovated for rupees $8 million. And is now ready call selling at rupees $11 million. The beautiful mansion was built around a huge library. It is built around books and fans can already imagine how beautiful it could be. It doesn’t look anywhere less than a historic home or a beautiful museum.

Picture via google images

However, it is now For sale because it was a famous spot for parties during prohibition according to the reports. It was important to sell so that situations like this doesn’t take place again. Pictures of the mansion has been shared over all social media platforms and people are just in love with it. Rumours are that the house could be sold anytime soon seeing the beauty of it.

According to the reports the longest mayor who served in San Francisco and lived there. And that is something that increases its worth more than anything else. It is everything old and new together. Stay tuned with us for more details details about your favourite TV show, celebrity and US local news.

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