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Mariah Carey Never Had A Physical Relationship With Ex-Beau James Packer!



Mariah Carey James Packer

Mariah Carey And James Packer Relationship

Mariah Carey and James Packer were in a serious relationship. Within a few months of dating, James proposed to Mariah and she said yes to him. However, within the next few months, things spiralled down between the two, and they split up in the same year breaking the engagement. Moreover, James called dating Mariah a mistake for both of them. He said:

“I was at a low point in my personal life,” he told The Australian of the split. “She was kind, exciting, and fun. Mariah is a woman of substance. But it was a mistake for her and a mistake for me.”

Mariah Carey James Packer

Source: The Independent

Mariah Carey Reveals She Never Had A Physical Relationship With James Packer

Mariah Carey is coming up with a new book that gives insight into her personal life. Moreover, her book is called The Meaning of Mariah Carey. She talks about many chapters of her personal life, and this includes her relationship with James. Furthermore, Mariah revealed that she and James were never in a physical relationship. She said:

“If it was a relationship that mattered, it’s in the book. If not, it didn’t occur. We didn’t have a physical relationship, to be honest with you.”

Mariah Carey Talks About What Went Wrong In Her Marriage With Mattola

Mariah Carey was previously married to Tommy Mattola in 1993 when she was just 23. Moreover, Mattola was 43 at that time, and Mariah revealed it was a prison-like relationship for her as Mattola was too controlling and dominating. She said:

“There was no freedom for me as a human being. You might want to picture a child bride. There was a conscious effort to keep me as this all-American — whatever that means — girl. There was no freedom for me as a human being. It was almost like being a prisoner.”

Mariah Carey James Packer

Source: People

Mariah Carey Relationship With Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey was also in a relationship with Nick Cannon and was even married to him in 2008. However, the ego between the two meant a rough patch in their relationship from which they could never recover. The two eventually got divorced in 2016.

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