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Mayor Breed Officiates Four Weddings On Reopening Day Of San Francisco City Hall !



San Francisco City Hall Wedding

Four Weddings In San Francisco City Hall On Reopening Day

Four weddings took place in San Francisco city hall after it reopened on Monday after remaining closed for 15 months due to the pandemic. All the weddings were initiated by San Francisco Mayor London Breed. City Hall opened for people who were looking to get marriage license applications, business registrations, birth and death certificates, and other documents. Even though the hall has reopened, people still have to follow mask mandate and social distancing. The restrictions will be taken down by June 15 as per the instructions from California governor Gavin Newsom.

San Francisco City Hall Wedding

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San Francisco City Hall Hosts Lesbian Wedding As Its First Wedding Post Reopening

The first wedding to take place in the city hall post the reopening was a lesbian wedding. Madelyn Peterson and Indira Carmona were the couples that got married. The wedding was symbolic in its own way with the Pride month going on. The two had three witnesses who maintained a gap of 6 feet to ensure social distancing. The last couple to tie the knot was Hanna Teferi and Casey Blanton. They had originally planned for an October wedding. However, the pandemic ruined their plans as Teferi had to return to work as s disaster service worker with the COVID Command Center’s Food Coordination Unit.

San Francisco City Hall Wedding

Source: SF Chronicle

Hanna Teferi And Casey Blanton Excited To Move Forward From The Pandemic

Hanna Teferi and Casey Blanton had to go through a lot to finally get married in June this year. They are happy that their wedding could happen and are looking to just move past COVID and start a new life altogether. Moreover, Teferi said, “There was a lot of sacrifice and loss, so we’re excited to move forward and really want to honor everything that’s happened. We’re really blessed to be here today.”

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