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Miley Cyrus Claims That She Enjoys Sex Toys In Her Room. Fans Are Amazed!



Miley Cyrus is all over the news lately firstly she gave an amazing virtual performance that her fans have loved. The year to 2021 started with her as she gave a mind-blowing and jaw-dropping virtual performance. But that is not all she has recently talked about her interior designing in the way she likes her room. This is such a big deal for her fans right now as she claims that she likes to decorate her room with sex toys. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Miley Cyrus has recently opened up about her decor and preference of interior design. She explains how her sex life also depends on the interior design of her house. This is one of the most Controversial statement that Miley Cyrus has made recently. Fans have gone crazy about it as they make several rumours and assumptions about it as well. Moreover, Miley Cyrus shares a lot of things that talk about her sex life and her preferences. As she decorated her room with a bunch of sex toys.

Miley And Her Fantasies

Miley Cyrus in 2019 broke up with her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. And she likes being single as she enjoys her independence and decorate her how is the way she was. She experiments with her personality house and everything she probably wants. Miley Cyrus is known to make bold controversial statements and wear all out scandalous outfits. She is one of the most confident celebrities. Fans love the way Miley Cyrus is and appreciate her a lot.

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In a recent interview when Miley Cyrus was asked about how she decorate her room and stuff. She gave a very bold answer that amazed her fans and made them very excited about it. Miley responses By claiming that interior design and sex go hand-in-hand. As she confirms that she likes sex toys and buys a lot of them. And she ends up using them mostly for the interior decor of her room.

Miley Cyrus’s Interior Design

Miley Cyrus believes that the interior design could affect a lot on your sex life and that is why she decorate the entire room with sex toys. And that was not all she claimed a lot different things when she was asked about the way she likes it and her preferences on bed. Miley Cyrus very confidently confirmed everything and mentioned her likes and dislikes. This is not the first time Miley Cyrus has come up and talk about sex. In several other interview she has talked about her sex life sexual orientation and several other things. And that is definitely one thing that fans love about her.


Miley Cyrus is also very picky about the way her interior design should look. She claims that every single thing in the room matters a lot to her.
“When I come home, I get to choose what f***ing colour the couch is and I couldn’t choose, so I picked all f***ing three colours.” Miley responses when she’s asked about her interior design in her room. The statements made by her clearly confirms how important her interior design in her room is for her. what do you think about it?


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