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Minnesota Governor Tim Walz Makes Big Announcements On Capacity Restrictions And Vaccination Efforts !



Minnesota Tim Walz

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz Makes Changes To Capacity Restrictions

Governor Tim Walz held a press conference tp update the people of Minnesota about the pandemic. He made some changes to the capacity restrictions as the state is doing pretty well against the virus. For outdoor events, people no longer need to wear mask or maintain social distancing if the crowd is less than 500. In case the crowd exceeds 500, people have to follow the mask mandate. Moreover, for indoor events, Walz said, “Indoor events, we’ve increased the occupancy on some of our larger events and then increased group sizes. Also on social gatherings, no limit outsides. Indoors, we’ve increased that to 50.”

Minnesota Tim Walz

Source: Minnesota Reformer

Governor Tim Walz To Ramp Up Vaccination In Minnesota

As a second step, Walz has urged Minnesotans to take the vaccine shot as soon as possible. Even though a large population of adults have taken the vaccine, there are still many unvaccinated people left in the state. Walz wants to vaccinate as many people as possible before May 28. That is the day when the COVID restrictions will be removed from the state. Moreover, the governor said, “We got three weeks, we’ve got 22 days. We have a vaccination pace that must stay as high as it is. Our hope is that after many of you listening to this, let’s just go get it done and end this thing. That is what we’re really asking you to do.” As soon as 70 percent of the population gets vaccinated, all restrictions including the mask mandate will come to an end.

Minnesota Tim Walz

Source: NY Times

Tim Walz Asks Minnesotans To Cooperate And End COVID Once And For All

Tim Walz has held many conferences in the past year and most of them were to announce bad news related to COVID. However, the situation has improved and he urged the people to cooperate for one last time to end the virus. Moreover, he said, “Let’s win this thing. Let’s end the strong. Let’s recognize that there’s still much more work to do.”


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