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Mitch McConnell Dashes Democrats’ Hopes Of Their $2.2 Trillion Stimulus Deal, Calls It ‘Too High’



Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell Dashes Democrats’ Hopes Of Their $2.2 Trillion Stimulus Deal, Calls It ‘Too High’: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Wednesday cut the ground from under the Democrats’ feet. He opposed their $2.2 trillion stimulus deal. “We’re very, very far apart on a deal,” McConnell told the reporters.

McConnell slammed the House Democrats calling their plan ‘an unserious attempt to bring the Senate Republicans back to the negotiating table. “If they continue to refuse to get serious, then American families will continue to hurt,” he added.

His remarks come as pressure mounts on lawmakers to strike a last-minute deal before Congress adjourns until after the election next week.

The COVID-19 Stimulus Bill

The coronavirus stimulus legislation was presented before the Republicans on Monday. It consisted of restoring the $600 federal unemployment benefit until Januar. It also includes another round of $1200 taxpayers, as well as relief to states and small businesses.


via The Mercury News

The plan is expected to provide pandemic aid to American families, restaurants and airlines. It will provide relief amid growing pressure from moderates. Moderates demanded additional action before lawmakers leave Washington next week to campaign for re-election.

The pandemic has adversely affected millions of Americans depriving them of food and rent. The economists are urging Congress to authorize additional spending to keep individuals and businesses afloat.

Will The Amended Bill Become A Law?

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met for about 90 minutes on Wednesday. They discussed and compromised on the stimulus bill to be passed.

According to the reports, Mnuchin has presented a revised bill worth $1.5 trillion to counter the Republicans’ opposition. Pelosi after the meeting said in an interview that the bill still needed ‘further clarification’.

However, even $1.5 trillion seem to be higher than the maximum spending the Grand Old Party (GOP) has said it would support. It’s unclear whether the Republicans will show their support in favour of the bill even after the agreement between the Democrats.

The Democrats, now have an obstacle to tackle to turn this bill into law. However, one thing is for sure, that is, the $2.2 trillion stimulus deal is cancelled.

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