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Mother Speaks Up Against Drugs In San Francisco After Son Becomes Addicted To Fentanyl !



Jacqui Berlinn

Mother Speaks Up Against Drug Dealers In San Francisco After Son Turns Into A Drug Addict

A concerned mother, Jacqui Berlinn from Bay Area came to Tenderloin in San Francisco to speak up against drug dealers and the open circulation of drugs. She is worried about her son who has become a drug addict. Jacqui’s son uses fentanyl and she can see that her son getting worse every day. During her speech, she said, “I realize that we need to speak up about this. We can’t just ignore it. Our children are dying.” She strongly expressed how the supply of drugs needs to be cut so that people like her son don’t get drugs in the first place.

Jacqui Berlinn

Source: SF Chronicle

Jacqui Berlinn Is Worried That Her Son Will Overdose Fentanyl

Fentanyl has become a growing concern for the US. Many drug addicts are overdosing on fentanyl and the problems seem to be increasing. Many drug users like Jacqui’s son are injecting fentanyl and Jacqui is worried that it won’t be long before her son overdoses himself. Moreover, she said, “Just started using fentanyl this past year and he has deteriorated faster than he ever did using heroin. And I know it’s a matter of time before he is going to overdose. The threat from fentanyl is far greater than heroin.


Source: Sunflower Wellness Retreat

Supervisor Matt Haney Calls For Compassion Towards Drug Addicts

Supervisor Matt Haney said that nothing can be done if there isn’t enough support from the federal and state government. Moreover, he also asked people to go easy on drug addicts. Instead of judging and criticizing them, he asked people to show compassion for drug users. Matt said, “We need help from the federal and state government. And I want to also say that we also need to have compassion and we need to have an intervention for people who are addicted to drugs.”

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