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Mountain Lion Captured In San Francisco Released Back Into The Forest !



Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion Caught In San Francisco Passes Health Checkup

A mountain lion that had entered the city of San Francisco was captured after two days. Before sending him into the forest, the lion was sent to Oakland Zoo. The lion has been given the nickname of Mr. Handsome. The Oakland Zoo revealed that the lion went through a health checkup and was administered the necessary vaccines. Furthermore, Oakland Zoo tweeted, “Our vet and animal care staff examined the mountain lion rescue we received last night. The 2-year-old male is in great overall health! After his exam & vaccines, he was sent along with our best wishes with @CaliforniaDFW (California Department of Fish and Wildlife) to be released in a safe space in Santa Clara County.”

Mountain Lion

Source: BBC

Mountain Lion Released Back Into The Wildlife

The mountain lion was finally released into the wildlife after all his health checkups. Furthermore, Oakland Zoo revealed that the lion was sent to a safe place in Santa Clara county. The tweet by Oakland Zoo said, “Mr. Handsome,” the mtn lion found in SF & treated yesterday at our vet hospital, was released back into the wild yesterday by @CaliforniaDFW in a safe area in Santa Clara County.  We are relieved this cool carnivore is back in the wild safe & sound!”

Mountain Lion San Francisco

Source: ABC7

The Lion Might Have Separated From His Mother

CDFW regional manager, Tina Bartlett feels the lion might have separated from his mother to make it on his own. However, he ended up in the city by mistake. Furthermore, she said, “This lion likely separated from its mother only recently and is out on its own for the first time trying to make its way in the world and ended up somewhere it shouldn’t be. We see this quite often with young mountain lions in California that end up in populated areas.”

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