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New York City’s Mayor Confirmed That 80K Employees Are Returning To Their Offices. Whereas, Employees Protest For Job Security And Funds!



New York City’s roads are taking a different turn where people have set a milestone. On May 3 the mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City made an official announcement. He claimed that thousands of employees are returning to the city for work. As the workplaces of New York City reopens, over 80,000 employees have returned to their offices. Check out everything you need to know about it.

80K Employees To Return

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit several countries severely. One of the worst affected places is the New York City of America. However, things are seeming to cool down there as cases reduce drastically. The people who left the city since the start of the pandemic are returning to their workplaces. As the mayor of the city makes the announcement he mentioned is a record of over 80,000 employees who have returned recently.

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Source: E! Online

However, it is not the same number of employees who left the city in the first place. Lakhs and lakhs of people displaced during the pandemic and not everyone is ready to return. Thousands of people still believe that returning to the city won’t do them any better now. And hence they believe in not coming back to the city. Where thousands of people chose to not return over 80,000 people have already joined their respective offices.

The Protest For Job Security

Moreover, thousands of people are protesting to the mayor to make a permanent workplace policy. Providing them job security as they fear losing their job once again. Employees also ask for support that helps them financially. Since the protests, The mayor has lean towards the health administration and is looking forward to helping the employees. He claims to provide free vaccination to all the citizens including the employees who return. As a record, the mayor claims that over one 180,000 employees have already been vaccinated against the COVID-19.


In the speech, Bill mention is that he does not find people at Home that productive. Whereas, people who work from offices are comparatively more disciplined and productive. And hence that is one main reason he wants more and more employees to return to their offices. We can expect thousands of more people to return after the surety the  mayor has given.

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