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One Year: Sisters Conduct Rally For Sean Monterrosa In San Francisco- The Man Killed By Vallejo Police Officer !



San Francisco

Rally in San Francisco For Man Shot By Vallejo Police Officer A Year Ago

It has been a year since the death of Sean Monterrosa. He died after a Vallejo police officer shot him. Even after a year since the fatal incident, the family is demanding justice for Sean. To mark the one-year anniversary of his death, his family conducted a rally in San Francisco demanding justice. Sean’s sisters led the rally for police reform. As per them, black people are being repeatedly killed by police officers. The cases of police brutality against black people have been on the rise in the US.

San Francisco

Source: KQED

Sean Monterrosa’s Sisters Ask For Police Accountability In California In San Francisco Rally

Sean’s sisters Ashley and Michelle voiced their concerns regarding police brutality and pushed for change. Moreover, Michelle said, “We’re trying to bring real change and accountability to the Bay Area but, more importantly, here in California. A lot of people think, with California being a progressive state — a blue state … (but) there’s a lot of injustices that happen day to day.” Even though the event was to remember Sean and his life, her sister tried to use it as a platform to put pressure on elected politicians to pass the reforms faster.

San Francisco

Source: Elle

Sean Monterrosa’s Teacher Voices Support For Police Reform

Beatriz Herrera, a professor at City College of San Francisco who taught Sean was also present at the rally. She expressed similar concerns and asked for police reforms. Moreover, Beatriz said, “Young people of color are unfairly penalized by the police system and we’re demanding accountability. If Sean was doing something wrong, we’ll find that out. All I know is he was on his knees with his hands up as a sign of surrender. He should’ve had the right to a court date.”

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