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People In San Francisco Are Not Happy With Their Attorney General Chesa Boudin !



San Francisco Chesa Boudin

Chao Pescao Restaurant In San Francisco Sees Four Break-Ins In A Month

Chao Pescao restaurant would have thought that the worst thing to happen to it would be the pandemic. However, the owner, Dennis managed to keep the restaurant afloat even during the pandemic. Never did they think that they would experience a bigger problem. The restaurant has seen three break-ins in one month and Dennis is frustrated with the lack of police action. Moreover, they caught the person the third but he came back to rob the restaurant for the fourth time in two weeks. Dennis said, “They broke into this one. You can tell they used a blowtorch. It’s like melted glass. Four break-ins over the course of two weeks”

Chao Pescao

Source: Patch

People Frustrated With San Francisco Attorney General Chesa Boudin

People in San Francisco are not happy with their Attorney General Chesa Boudin. Such cases of break-ins should ideally be put to rest once the criminal is caught. However, many feel that the passive attitude of Boudin is the reason why criminals are roaming around scott free in San Francisco. A fellow resident of San Francisco said, “We, out in the neighborhoods, and I’ve lived here for 40 years, we don’t see crimes decreasing. Chesa Boudin believes in restorative justice and reform, and we all want that. However, I think he’s forgetting about the victims.”

San Francisco Chesa Boudin

Source: SF Examiner

Many People Come Out In Support Of San Francisco Attorney General Chesa Boudin

After Boudin faced backlash for the rising crime in San Francisco, many people came out in his support. Lee Jewell, who has lives in Hayes Valley said, “All the frustrations that are happening because of the pandemic, because of the economy. All the things that are going on, they’re looking to him and blaming him. That’s where the frustration is. It’s misguided, it’s misdirected, and it’s wrong.”

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