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People In San Francisco Criticizing Others For Ditching Mask Despite CDC Guidelines !



San Francisco Mask

People In San Francisco Are Getting Shamed For Not Wearing Mask

CDC has released new guidelines wherein people who are fully vaccinated are not required to wear masks anymore. It is a huge relief because the mask mandate had become the new normal. However, in San Francisco, many people have faced backlash from San Franciscans for not wearing the mask. People have become so used to wearing masks that removing them suddenly looks odd. It is not fair that the vaccinated people are being scrutinized for not wearing the mask. If you don’t get the freedom on getting vaccinated, then it loses its purpose.

San Francisco Mask

Source: Ommcom News

Dr. Susan Philip Urges People In San Francisco To Not Criticize Others For Ditching The Mask

Dr. Susan Philip is the health officer who issues the health guidelines for the city of San Francisco. She has heard many instances wherein people have been criticized for not wearing the mask. During the start of the pandemic, the tough task was to get people to wear masks. However, now people are criticizing when it is actually time to remove them. Dr. Susan asked San Franciscans to make others comfortable for not wearing the mask. Moreover, she said, “They’re getting dirty looks. They’re getting yelled at, and they’re feeling very uncomfortable in their neighborhoods following our recommendations. We want to make sure that everyone understands that this is permitted. We want people in the city to feel comfortable removing their masks.”

San Francisco Mask

Source: KQED

Dr. Susan Says Its Time For The City To Loosen Up

San Francisco has performed tremendously during the pandemic. After the spike in cases, the people have worked together to bring it down. However, Dr. Susan thinks the hard time is over and it is time for San Franciscans to loosen up. She said, “This is a good transition, a happy transition. We need to move forward as a city.”

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