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People In San Francisco Debate Over Reopening Of Car-Free Streets In The City !



San Francisco

Pedestrian Advocates Voice Against Reopening Of Car-Free San Francisco Streets

San Francisco had closed some of its streets during the pandemic for automobiles so that people are able to exercise and meet others safely. However, now the situation has improved in San Francisco. Therefore, the talks for reopening the car-free streets have begun among the residents. People are voicing their opinion for and against reopening the car-free streets of San Francisco. People who support pedestrians want roads like the main road into Golden Gate Park to continue as a car-free road. The pedestrian advocates bring up the climate issue to support their cause.

San Francisco

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Automobile Advocates Want San Francisco Streets To Reopen For Cars And Motorbikes

The other side of the section also has some strong points to argue their case. Some of the streets are very important for people who drive as they need the road to reach their office. Some people argued that closing the street for cars has become a headache as they get late while dropping their kids off at school or some other place. There was also the argument that closing important streets might affect low-income families who find it hard to afford public transport.

San Francisco

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Arguments On Reopening Of Car-Free Streets Turns Ugly

The debate between the two sides has now taken a bad turn. People are fiercely arguing about the issue online. One bakery owner in San Francisco voiced his opinion for reopening the main oceanside thoroughfare known as the Great Highway to cars. This did not go down well with the other side as they threatened to boycott him over his opinion. Any decision will affect people from both sides of the argument. However, people will have to rely less on cars in the future. Therefore, this might be a good place to start with that practice.

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