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Planned Wedding With 10,000 Of Guests Cancelled In New York Amid COVID Guidelines




Wedding Canceled Amid COVID Guidelines

A big fat wedding was also set to take place but had to stop amid strict guidelines implemented by New York Gov. Cuomo. According to the sources, the wedding had a 10,000 guestlist ready for the function.

Recently due to COVID vulnerability in places, New York City Sheriff implemented some strict rules for the citizens to fight against the pandemic. But many are not willing to take those guidelines very seriously. And the big fat wedding is just one example of that.

The new guidelines say, only guests are allowed 30% occupancy. That also, if the place is safe and not under an orange or red zone. Yes, the Governor of New York divided some part with red-orange and green zones. Green zones are those where there is no active COVID case. And then comes the orange and red zone respectively according to the number of COVID cases.

The Strict Rules On 4th Phase Of Unlock

The 4th phase of unlocking will have some rules and restrictions, and all the citizens are bound to follow that. Strict action will be taken against if anyone found guilty. All the churches should not exceed the given number of allowed devotees and should follow social distancing.

On the other hand, Dr Fauci also shared his view over the increased risk of COVID infection. He said in a virtual talk that the worst time is coming soon in fall and winter. The virus will be more powerful and vulnerable at that time with new symptoms and the worst infection.

In such a situation 10,000 people gathering for a wedding is not a good idea. It will increase the risk of community spread, and thousands might infect in no time. If that happened, it would be hard to control the situation.

Cluster Zones Are On High Risk

Moreover, the place was in a cluster zone, and the New York City Sheriff officials have close eyes to those places. There is no way they would allow such a huge gathering and took immediate action over the matter.



The officials said people could get married, but that does not mean 1000 people gather there for the event. 1000 relative list is entirely absurd, and nothing of that sort will be entertained in a suck situation. It will risk 1000s of life.

And a guest list of 10,000 is just not done!

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