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Queen Elizabeth Talks About HINDUS And DIWALI In First Ever Virtual Christmas Speech !



Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth Delivers Christmas Speech Virtually Amid Coronavirus

Queen Elizabeth had to deliver her speech in a new way this year. Every year, Queen Elizabeth makes a Christmas speech on the occasion of the festival. This year was no different except for the way she did it. Due to coronavirus, she delivered the speech virtually through the comfort of her palace. Moreover, she said, “Every year we herald the coming of Christmas by turning on the lights. And light does more than create a festive mood —light brings hope. For Christians, Jesus is ‘the light of the world,’ but we can’t celebrate his birth today in quite the usual way.”

Queen Elizabeth

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Queen Elizabeth Asks People To Move On With Their Lives Amid Coronavirus

Coronavirus brought the life of people to a standstill in 2020. People were in lockdown and under quarantine due to the virus. However, the problem is far from over. Moreover, Queen Elizabeth feels it is time people move on with their lives, keeping in mind the precautions. She said, “People of all faiths have been unable to gather as they would wish for their festivals, such as Passover, Easter, Eid, and Vaisakhi. But we need life to go on.”

Queen Elizabeth Talks About Diwali In Christmas Speech

Queen Elizabeth mentioned the festival of Diwali in her Christmas speech. She revealed how Hindus across the world celebrated it amid coronavirus. Moreover, she said, “Last month, fireworks lit up the sky around Windsor, as Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains celebrated Diwali, the festival of lights, providing joyous moments of hope and unity — despite social distancing.”

Queen Elizabeth

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Queen Refrains From Personal Talk In Christmas Speech

Queen did not talk anything about the royal family in her Christmas speech. Unlike every year, she never mentioned anything about the members of her family. This comes amid rumors of a rift between Harry and William and the exit of Meghan and Harry from the family.

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