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Rapper DaBaby Breaks Down While Talking About His Brother’s Suicide.



Just when we thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse, well it did. DaBaby’s older brother, Glen Johnson, has reportedly passed away by suicide. According to the reports, he pulled out a gun and shot himself out of nowhere. The news of this tragic death has terrified everyone all around the world. DaBaby himself doesn’t know what just happened with his brother out of nowhere. The incident happened on November 3, in North Carolina. Check out everything you need to know about it.

The Tragic Death

TMZ published a report on 5 November in which it claimed that famous rapper DaBaby’s elder brother died by suicide tragically. The incident. Happened when Johnson brutally gunshot wound to his head in their hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. And brother DaBaby is very disturbed since the incident happened. For almost 4-5 days he didn’t make any statement. However, he recently made a statement about his brother’s suicide that has shocked everyone. Fans are still wondering about what could be the reason that Johnson took such a big step of ending his life.


Recently the famous iconic rapper paid tribute to his elder brother by adding ‘LONG LIVE MY BROTHER’ to his Instagram bio. And later the same day he uploaded a clip from his new song that had the lyrics. The lyrics have touched everyone’s heart as it talks about the struggle between two brothers. No one can imagine what DaBaby us going through. His worst nightmare turned into reality and he is helpless.


Talking about the heart touching lyrics of the song. It goes as ‘My brother be thinking that he is alone and we don’t love him. Let him struggle like we ain’t family’. The rapper then adds ‘I will never give up and all I got is to see you’. And these few lines have explained the storm of emotions he has been going through these past few days. He also posted a disturbing video of himself that has recently got a lot of attention.

DaBaby’s Reaction

In the video he shows how he is done dealing with all the wrong people in life. We can just sense the pain he has because of losing his elder brother. No one could even understand the reason behind his suicide by now. However, all people are praying for is healing for DaBaby. But DaBaby is at his worst. According to the TMZ reports, he has even been captured crying in his car several times since the incident.

Picture via Twitter.

However, this isn’t the first time that the 28-year-old iconic star has faced a tragic incident since the rise of his fame. Just last year his dad died. And he got very emotional yet candid and shared his pain and grief with the world. He even took to the Twitter and vented out all the emotions by shares his pain to world. But not much time after which his brother died tragically by shooting himself as well.


DaBaby’s is currently at his worst phase of life after losing 2 family members in less than a year. Fans are very much concerned for him and are doing everything to support him. However, one thing everyone is curious about is the reason behind his suicide. What do you think about it?

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