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Real Housewives Star Braunwyn Reveals She Is GAY!



Real Housewives

Real Housewives Star Braunwyn Windham-Burke Responds To People Calling Her Husband Gay

Real Housewives star Braunwyn Windham-Burke recently posted a picture with her husband and some people were ready to troll them instantly. One user called out Sean as gay and said, “And he’s [sic] gay.” The comment caught the attention of Braunwyn, and she decided to give an apt reply. Surprisingly enough, she said that it was she who was gay and not her husband. Her comment said, “No, sweetie, that’s me. He’s straight.” One could not make out if she was being sarcastic or severe or was having fun with the user.

Real Housewives

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Real Housewives Star Braunwyn Discovering Different Parts Of Her Sexuality

Braunwyn calling herself gay was probably not a lie. Recently, she had revealed that she was discovering different aspects of her sexuality while being away from her husband, Sean. She said, “Right now I’m protective of this — I’m not blasting it out everywhere — but there are definitely parts of me that I quelched with alcohol, and I never really admitted to myself.”

Braunwyn Is Trying To Figure Out Who She Is

Braunwyn was coming from a generation when LGBTQ was not a thing. Moreover, people were not very vocal about their sexuality. Hence, she was in denial for a while but is now trying to discover herself to remain authentic as a person. She said, “I grew up in a different time than my kids are, and so I’m just giving myself the time and the grace to figure out who I am, to be as authentic as I can to myself. There are a lot more things about me that I never gave myself the ability to look into.”

Real Housewives

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Real Housewives Star Braunwyn Is Happily Married

Braunwyn and Sean are not living together at the moment. This is because they are trying to redefine what marriage means to them. However, they are still together and happily married to each other. She said, “We’re still together, and I know it’s hard for a lot of people to understand. We’re happily married; we plan on staying happily married.”


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